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Generally, cutting and removing trees can pose various risks to your safety (and property). An arborist or tree lopper can do the job quickly and is aware of all the hazards involved. They can also provide stump grinding services if you’ve already cut down a tree and have an unsightly tree stump left behind. Often, you’ll be left with mulch, woodchips and firewood to use at your discretion! For emergency tree removal, limb removal or cable bracing (providing support to a tree stem), a professional is necessary.

Whether you’re planning a new garden or landscaping an existing one, an arborist can also advise you on the best tree selection for your Victoria environment, assist in planting, and can provide you with a long-term maintenance plan. Furthermore, they can help you diagnose any insect problems or diseases threatening existing plants in your yard. If you want to relocate a tree, an expert in arboriculture can give you advice on what it will need to flourish, and will replant it accordingly. Other services include hedge and shrub trimming, tree pruning and mulching.

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Terry's Trees is a small family owned business with over 20 years experience in tree removal, tree lopping, tree trimming, stump grinding, palm tree removal. We provide quality work at competitive prices, fully insured.

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Arborist, tree services,tree removal, tree lopping, tree trimming, stump grinding, palm tree removal.

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