Australian Real Estate Tips That Will Save Your Life in 2019

Australian Real Estate Tips That Will Save Your Life in 2019

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As you plunge into the world of real estate in search of a new home, it’s all about smart bargaining tactics. Home browsing is an especially sensitive topic in Australia, as the issue of steep pricing has been chronically nagging new buyers for decades. Still, every now and then, we are all forced to make a variety of life changes, including the ones related to living conditions. If you truly need to purchase a new home as soon as possible, here are Australian real estate tips that will save your life in 2019.

Avoid the hype

As soon as you enter the “flow” of the market and countless tips and rumors that float around, you will hear assured words of wisdom about what to avoid and, more importantly, where to look. Some towns and neighborhoods will carry that ever coveted stamp of being “desirable” and “perfectly aligned with everything one needs”. While such directions can shorten your search for the best home significantly, they can also create certain problems.

You have to learn how to “punch through the noise” and have a specific vision of what exactly you are looking for. What works for many might not work for you. We live in a time when the invaluable tool such as the internet is only a click away, so do your own research and avoid the hype at all costs.

Sift through advice selectively

Just as you need to filter through the hype, you need to sift through advice and be very selective about it. As you begin to search for your new home, a lot of family members and friends will feel they have every right to chime in with their “professional” opinions. This often presents the added factor of stress in a situation when anxiety breaks through the ceiling.

While it is true that some of these people will tell you a useful tip or two, you should always remember that you are not required to heed everyone’s advice. These people are not your supervisors and this does not work – don’t make compromises according to the mix of contradictory advice that is rattling in your head. Have a clear vision of what you want and go for it.

Put everything on the table

Do not limit yourself! If you think you are not within your financial means to consider a certain area that is notoriously expensive, you might actually be missing the opportunity of a lifetime. For example, if you look into Manly real estate options, you might just find a financially manageable apartment near the beach that is picture-perfect. Such matters depend more on the health of your credit and the payment plan you are ready to take up than the price itself. Do not let the perfect opportunity slip through your fingers and keep thinking positive.

Or look into surrounding suburbs

When it comes to real estate browsing in Australia, you have to be constantly thinking outside the box. In other words, if you definitely cannot find the right household for yourself (be it a house or an apartment), don’t just admit defeat and move on. Look into the surrounding suburbs and see if you can find something more affordable that is near the urban zone of your choice.

Ask for second (and third) opinions

Real estate agents and other experts in the field are playing their own games. These market games can usually be boiled down to the matter of competition. Australia is no different, but it does not matter from which perspective you are observing this, such matters are not something that should interest you. It’s all about having the right information. Therefore, what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle according to the opinion of one expert might shift when you ask another one. Ask for second and third opinions. These will also help you sift through the advice of friends and family.

Pursuing the home of your dreams in the hectic Australian real estate market can be a source of immense frustration, and so can navigating the long and winding labyrinth of clauses, forms and features (not to mention the agents). Thankfully, with these simple and comprehensive tips up your sleeve, you can find your way out of any mess and make a decision when it really counts. Hopefully, you will end up with the home of your dreams.

By Diana Smith

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