Add your furniture and make it available in 2D & 3D format across multiple platforms

Everyone can add their products and benefit from the full functionality the platform offers. Don´t worry if you do not have any 3D products yet.
Just send us all available product information (photos, 2D/3D drawings, documentation, samples) available and we will create and add your 3D model to the platform.

Multi-Platform 3D Furniture Configurator

Configure complex furniture and furniture programs live in 3D and showcase hundreds of product variations and combinations in an intuitive interface and in a white-label solution. Order every variation incl. article numbers and prices via web & mobile devices.

Augmented Product Visualization

Visualize products you do not have in-store today! Show product variations based on your client's needs in stunning 3D quality and place them live in-store to see how it fits. Ready for all new AR/VR platforms (Apple ARKit, Google ARCore & Tango, Microsoft Hololens, ...)

2D/3D Floorplanner

Develop together with your customer's room concepts or grant them access to do it online on their own with direct access to your digital furniture catalog. Give a realistic impression of what the future living or bath room will look like and increase sales conversion.


We will review your 3D products and add them instantly once they fit format requirements. 

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We will start modeling as soon as we can. Average waiting time for a new product to be modeled and added is round about 2-3 weeks.

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We can start setting up your configurable product logic based on your product definitions and that quite quickly. Product variations and real product program configurations are possible. 

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