Business Solutions

Furniture Producers/Brands

We create your configurable 3D/AR products and make it available in your white-label branded version (web & mobile). Bring your brand showroom to your retailers/clients. Share your products with your retailer network, integrate your 3D product configurators into your website/shop.

Furniture Retail Industry

Configure and plan your products live in 3D and increase conversion by integrating them into your website/webshop and make them available for your sales teams. Bring your products closer to your customers and let them experience your furniture live at home in 3D & Augmented Reality in your white-lable version.

Real Estate Industry

Make your real estate projects interactively available in 2D/3D for web and mobile. Your clients and sales teams can immediately interact with your property floorplans, start furnishing and visualizing their future homes and work places live in 2D,3D & AR without any special skills needed.