We are bringing 3D, Virtual & Augmented Reality to you

We are helping the real estate sector engage with buyers & sellers with immersive tools

RealestateUno can help you create visual content that will help people see the potential in their future living with 3D-functions and premium rich media that enable them to plan, furnish and decorate the home of their dreams.

Photos, floor plans, and interior design tools are an indispensable source of fuel for imagining the future and for sharing these dreams with family, friends and co-workers.

3D Floor Plans - Let people interact in exciting and new ways

Furnished Plans - Let people see how furniture could look


Make your static or fully configurable 3D products available in a 3D/AR catalog! 


Boost your sales by embedding 3D/AR product configurators online. 


Allow people to furnish and decorate floor plans with your furniture products.  Allow consumers to build inspirational living spaces with your furniture.


Any brand product can be visualised in augmented reality using the camera of your mobile device or iPad. Jump to AR from your plan or get a direct link from our website to view the furniture models in your home or office space. A great feature that will help you to see how products will fit the existing interior of your rooms.

Start to take advantage of (AR) today - here are some ideas

Piggyback on AR apps that already exist.

You could advertise your brand directly by capitalizing on AR apps that are already popular. Rather than having to develop your own AR technology, which would be expensive, you'll ride the coattails of trending apps to draw in AR fans as customers. You could make special offers to users of a specific AR app, for instance, or make your place of operation a hot spot for an AR game that attracts new business.

With our 3D & (AR) partners, RealestateUno can assist you with design, development, and launch.

Give your customers an easier in-store experience.

You can also use AR apps to give your customers a more immersive or pleasant in-store experience. You could give your customers access to maps and directions on how to navigate within the space. You could also make your store more digitally engaging with helpful tips or promotions that pop up as your customers explore your physical location.


Offer visualization and product trials.

You can also use a custom AR app to give your customers more in-depth forms of visualization or product trials. For example, if you sell home décor, you might allow customers to use their mobile devices to project what a piece of décor might look like in a specific area of their home. Alternatively, you could offer users the chance to see the full dimensions and a three-dimensional view of your products in store (if they aren't already on display).

Feature interactive ads.

Finally, you can use AR ads to increase engagement with your audience. There are practically unlimited possibilities here; you can give your users a chance to "scan" your ad to receive digital goods, you can play an interactive video or display content when your users are in close proximity, or you could even create a full-on digital experience in the physical world. As always, the key is to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.


RealestateUno is about delivering new experiences for homeware retailers to connect with consumers in engaging ways.  


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