RealestateUno Referral Program

Part of the RealesateUno’s philosophy is to give back to the community and reward those who reward us. As part of this program, we are offering people the opportunity to earn extra income if you refer a person or a business to us through Realesateuno’s referral program.

How it works

Agent & Broker Referrals

Through RealesateUno’s referral program, if you refer a real estate agent or a mortgage broker to set up a profile you will receive the first month’s fee.  If you refer a developer to list their project with us, we will pay you a fee of up to $50.00. In addition, if you refer a builder to list with us we will pay you a fee of up to $40.00.

Refer a friend selling their home

We also are offering the opportunity for you to receive a spotter fee if you refer someone to use our agent finder services. Simply refer a friend to the site, have them register their property that they want to sell with us. If they choose an agent through RealesateUno and that agents sells their property, you will receive a $50.00 spotter’s fee.

Refer a business to advertise with us

Know of a business that may want to advertise their services. Why not refer them to RealestateUno and up to 50% of what they pay us.

So why not participate and earn a little extra money from home or for just referring a friend.

To find out more or become part of the RealestateUno referral team contact us at

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